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Repair The Broken Trust

Now is a great time to differentiate your firm by demonstrating your adherence to fiduciary best practices. Investors are clear. They want to work with those they feel they can trust. Some see this trust crisis as an obstacle. We think it's a gift to enlightened executives who want to rise above the competition and grow their market share by demonstrating credibility, commitment and compliance. For employers with retirement plans or foundations or endowments seeking donations, closing the trust gap is just as important.

As an independent economic consulting, research and training company, Fiduciary Leadership, LLC has a unique and firsthand perspective about the reputational damage and high costs incurred by companies when their actions are perceived as less than appropriate. Investment fiduciary litigation and regulatory enforcement is skyrocketing and unlikely to abate any time soon without significant actions being taken to allay investors' fears.

Fiduciary Leadership, LLC can help data-driven research, competitive analysis and strategy recommendations, fiduciary training and thought leadership designed to empower investors, employees or donors and strengthen business relationships.

Our clients are institutional investors and their attorneys and service providers that require help in improving fiduciary best practices or effectively communicating those that exist already. We are guided by the philosophy that everyone wins with transparency, robust investment risk governance and a commitment to customer excellence.

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We are financial service industry experts with years of experience in data-driven analysis and research, best practice fiduciary trends and "voice of the customer" insights. Let us help you compete and attract more investors who want assurances that a company is operating in their best interest.